I’m a huge fan of time travel stories. Books, both fiction and non-fiction, short stories, movies…the whole concept is fascinating to me.

Sure, we’d all like to be able to go into the future and see what things are going to be like…or travel to the past to see if Oswald really was a lone gunman or to see just how those pyramids were built.

But, I think I’ve hit upon a great, practical use for time travel: Running an efficient take-out pizza joint.

So check this out. A customer comes up to the counter at 7:00pm and places an order with the cashier. The cashier transmits the customer’s order (via special quantum computer) 25 minutes into the past…so that the kitchen receives the order at 6:35pm and makes the pizza, thereby having the pizza ready by 7:00pm (when the customer places the order). From the customer’s standpoint, he/she receives the piping hot, made-to-order (no matter how weird) pizza immediately!

Feel free to bask in the glory of my genius.